Asia Cuanon,established in 1998,is a high-tech enterprise qualified by the government authorization.

The company is one of the Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Shanghai. In the ranking of “Research Report on the Evaluation of Service Commodity Brands of Top 500 Providers of China Real Estate Development Enterprises”, Asia Cuanon Decorated Insulation Panel System ranks first in the industry, Asia Cuanon Insulation Material ranks second in the industry, and Asia Cuanon Architectural Coating ranks third in the industry.

Asia Cuanon became a listed company in 2007(603378,Shanghai  Stock Exchange),which opened a brand new chapter for sustainable development.

Asia Cuanon launched"New era for young Asia"at the 20th anniversary and is determined to build a company that has become an era.

“When I was a child, my mother often talked to me that doing one thing in one’s life, he can become the master of his trade. Mother’s exhortation has a profound impact on my life and career.”
——  From Asia Cuanon’s founder