Asia Cuanon Thermosetting Polystyrene Panel is a new organic fire-proof insulation material. Polymer copolymerization modification technology is used to make organic materials and fire-retardant materials have the same polarity, make them close to each other, form unique organic particles, and use micro-phase composite technology to form a fire-proof isolation film on the surface of each organic particle, so that each particle has an independent fire-proof ability, and then through other processes like foaming molding and cutting to be manufactured.

It is also a thermosetting full-life fire protection and insulation product, which completely eliminates the fire hazards in the whole process from product transportation, storage, construction to actual use. At the same time, it effectively improves and promotes the thermal insulation, drawing resistance, water resistance and other physical properties of organic materials by using the polyaffinity technology of polymer copolymerization modification. It is a worldwide contribution created by China to truly realize the “three-in-one combination” thermal insulation material, which integrates heat preservation, physics and fire protection.